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Braxton Miller to move from quarterback to H-back

The former quarterback plans to make a position change for Ohio State.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The question as to who will be the starter for the Buckeyes at the beginning of the season has gotten if but a tiny bit clearer, as Braxton Miller will be switching positions from quarterback to H-back.

Pete Thamel of broke the news, and is reporting that Miller plans to start the 2015 season playing H-back, which would primarily be receiving for him under the Buckeyes' system. He will spend 80 percent of his time with receivers, and 20 with quarterbacks.

Miller, via Thamel:

"For the most part, it's going to be H-Back and punt return. It's a long process to get back totally to throwing and throwing every day. This is the smarter thing for right now, God blessed me with a lot of talent and different opportunities. I'm going to have fun with that and still score a lot of touchdowns and help the team out and be dominant at that."

With a new threat at wide receiver in Braxton Miller, now the question becomes, who throws it to him?