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Why is this news?: Braxton Miller's position change is good for his NFL stock, Nick Bosa commits to 'dream school'

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Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

"Despite being a two-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year as a quarterback, most NFL evaluators view his pro football future at another position, especially considering the injuries to his throwing shoulder. And with Miller making the move prior to his final season in Columbus, scouts can base their evaluations on functional play, not simply projection."

Dan Brugler, CBS Sports

Just hours after it was confirmed that Braxton Miller will be changing to a hybrid H-back position, NFL scouts were intrigued with the possibilities of him other than as a quarterback. While his physicality and athleticism has lead to his success under center, his shoulder injuries and surgeries would make teams at the next level hesitant to use a high draft pick on him for the quarterback position.

Miller was essentially given a glimpse into his possible future when former Buckeye Terrelle Pryor was dropped by several teams as a quarterback and recently made the shift to wide receiver. Pryor was immediately picked up the Cleveland Browns, and football analysts everywhere loved the position switch. It had always made sense for someone with Pryor's size, speed and ability to avoid tackles fill some type of offense position aside from one that required him to throw. The same can be said of Miller.

With two starting and successful quarterbacks to compete against, Miller's move benefits both Ohio State and it's coaches, as well as Miller and his future in the NFL. Perhaps Miller was taking a page out of his successor's playbook and decided to make the move now, rather than waste a few years hopping from team to team.

"From talking to people inside the Buckeyes program, a program with a bunch of speedsters and former track guys, Miller had the fastest 10-yard split of anyone on the team."

Bruce Feldman, FOX Sports

When you have someone as athletically gifted as Braxton Miller, moving him around the field should be relatively easy as he should pick up the nuances of the position rather quickly. With his speed, added to the offensive talent from last season, Urban Meyer is finally getting one of the most fitting teams for his scheme in a long time.

Having a capable quarterback to distribute the ball effectively is the preferred method by Meyer, and now with one more insanely fast and capable target down-field, the Buckeyes actually get better with Miller's position change to halfback. With a similar physicality to Percy Harvin, NFL receiver and former Meyer player, this change ensure's Miller's arm-health moving forward and should open different options for his professional career.

"Ohio State has always been my dream school. I know exactly what I'm getting from going there. I went to three home games [in Columbus] last year. I love the coaches. I love the fans."

Nick Bosa to the Miami Herald

Ohio State fans and players went crazy with the announcement that yet another Bosa brother would be joining the Buckeyes. Five-star DE Nick Bosa, who is arguably better than his old brother Joey, finally made the commitment to the scarlet and grey.

The younger Bosa was highly recruited, especially by teams in his home-state of Florida, but in the end, the 6'4, 265-pound defensive player will follow in his brother's footsteps. While the thought of having both Bosa brothers on the field incites both excitement in fans and fear in opponents, the elder brother is expected to head to the draft after the 2015 season, and as a projected first-rounder would have to give up an awful lot to play with his kin.

Whether the Buckeyes have one Bosa or two, fans and coaches alike will be happy so long as one of them is on the field for the next several years.

"A year ago, aided by three OSU turnovers amidst the flurries, the Gophers were onside kicking in the final two minutes trying to stay alive in what ended as a 31-24 Buckeye victory in Minneapolis. You don't get to just ignore the turnovers, but Ohio State did outgain Minnesota 489 yards to 303."

Doug Lesmerises, Northeast Ohio Media Group

The Buckeyes will face the Gophers the first weekend of November, and will do so under the lights and in prime-time. This will be Ohio State's third prime-time game in as many weeks, and is one of four that Minnesota will play. With the depth-chart a muddled mess right now for those in scarlet and grey, it's a little early to start predicting wins for next season, but Doug Lesmerises is only giving the Gophers a 2% chance to best the Buckeyes.

Aside from talent and coaching, the Gophers will be making their way to Columbus, one of the toughest venues for road teams. Though they were able to finish better than Wisconsin and other teams from last season, they still ended finished in defeat.

Phil Steele's preseason ranking for Minnesota is 45, which is well behind the number one ranking the Buckeyes received, but stranger things have happened and both teams are sure to bring their "A" games.