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Terrible Braxton Miller transfer rumors -- In Memoriam

Remember all those schools Braxton was going to transfer to? Let's reminisce together.

TFW your transfer rumors smell sort of like a stale fart
TFW your transfer rumors smell sort of like a stale fart
Chris Trotman / Stringer

Braxton Miller made headlines again recently when he announced that he'd be switching from QB to H-back for the 2015 season, effectively shutting down any and all rumors that he would be transferring to another school. These rumors have been plaguing him—and all Ohio State fans, really—ever since J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones both decided to be really good quarterbacks. Most people, including NFL scouts, view this switch as a good move for Miller. Some people, however, disagree.

Sorry, Braylen's DAD. It didn't happen. In honor of that dream, though, let's look back on some of the great Braxton Rumors of 2014 and '15, brought to you by Twitter.

Braxton to Oregon

It all started with one fav'd tweet. Well, maybe that's not where it started, but when Miller accidentally picked Oregon over Ohio State, the world was convinced that the mistake was because Braxton was so distracted looking at apartments in Eugene. Turns out that Braxton prefers the champion to the runner up.

Braxton to Alabama

Well, sure, there was "a chance" he'd go to Alabama, the same way there was "a chance" that Alabama would play for the national championship. Just because something is possible doesn't mean that it's probable, Paul.

Braxton to LSU

Was it worth it, though? Were these tidbits really worth our time? It's worth noting that this "report" came out before Ohio State manhandled beat Oregon, and that LSU had just finished a lackluster season by losing to Notre Dame in the Music City Bowl. If that didn't make for a tempting offer, then I don't know what does. Les Miles sure wishes it'd had teeth, though.

Braxton to Duke

You know, Driskel actually did transfer. Why aren't we all making a fuss about him picking Louisiana Tech over the Blue Devils? Now that's a story.

Braxton to FSU

Unfortunately for the 'Noles, this list was made by Jimbo Fisher as he sat alone in his car and wept over the future of Florida State football. And to think, Braxton could have played while being cheered on by porn stars.

Braxton to Ole Miss

Maybe if Ole Miss had actually adopted Admiral Ackbar as their mascot, this would have been a tempting offer. Otherwise, there's no reason to live in Mississippi. IT'S A TRAP!

Braxton to Louisville

Honestly, with intel this solid, I'm surprised it didn't turn out to be true. It's going to be hard to trust Mink and Chug in the future.

Braxton to Dayton


Braxton to Denison

Awww man, now I'm kind of sad that this one isn't true. That would have been pretty impressive.