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Why is this news?: Ezekiel Elliott's biggest threat for the Heisman are his quarterbacks

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

"TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin has since replaced [Ezekiel] Elliott as Bovada's favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. But the biggest threat to Elliott winning the Heisman could be sharing the Ohio State backfield with him next season."

Bill Landis,

Landis has done a countdown of the top 10 threats to Ezekiel Elliott's Heisman trophy run, and he concluded that list with whoever plays quarterback for the Buckeyes. Elliott opened as the favorite to win the Heisman (per Bovada), but has since been replaced as the favorite by TCU's Trevone Boykin at 6-to-1. Elliott, at 7-to-1, is followed by Braxton Miller, Jeremy Johnson, and Nick Chubb, all at 10-to-1. These numbers will change before the start of the season, especially after we have a better idea of who will actually be the starter for the Buckeyes.

The quarterback selection does affect Ezekiel Elliott to a degree. The Buckeyes relied more on Elliott when J.T. Barrett went down with a fractured ankle against Michigan. Also, although it was a small sample, Cardale Jones was not putting up the numbers we had seen like in Barrett and Miller. Yet, even if Cardale Jones is the starter, as Landis points out, it would be tough to go against him, even if he doesn't put up ridiculous numbers, just because Jones is the story that people fell in love with during the end of last season.

No matter how you shake it, the starting quarterback of the Buckeyes is going to get a lot of attention, and is going to put up good numbers. It is very reasonable to think that the person that could ruin Elliott's Heisman hopes plays on his own team.

"Made mistakes? Absolutely. But [Urban Meyer] thought that he would be a kid that would really relish a second chance, and deserved a second chance, and is a good kid, a good student."

Dean Hood, EKU head coach to Tim May, The Columbus Dispatch

Former Ohio State defensive end Noah Spence transferred to Eastern Kentucky University in January, after being ruled permanently ineligible by the Big Ten in November of 2014 for two positive tests for Ecstasy. Spence was one of Urban Meyers first big recruits in his first recruiting class at Ohio State back in 2012.

The defensive end had the option to enter the NFL Draft, but he and his family decided he needed another year in the college game, so Urban Meyer made a call to his friend Dean Hood, head coach of Eastern Kentucky, where Spence would be able to play immediately.

A talent like Spence playing on the FCS level has created challenges for head coach Dean Hood. Hood has had to find ways to help prevent a double team of Spence from opponents. So while Spence finds himself having success in his new home, there have been some bumps in the road. In May, he had been charged with public intoxication, as well as second-degree disorderly conduct. Yet, Spence has completed drug counseling sessions, and passed all of his drug tests, and will graduate in the fall with good grades.

"I believe I can get great at anything. [I] just need the reps and just got to prove it."

Terrelle Pryor to KDKA, via Michael David Smith, ProFootballTalk

Terrelle Pryor has played in three NFL season, totaling just 15 games. He has started in 10 games, nine of those in 2013 as the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders. His record in those nine games was 3-6, where Pryor completed 57.4 percent of his passes, amassing 1,798 yards, seven touchdowns, and 11 picks. Like most Oakland Raiders teams, Pryor wasn't surrounded by a bunch of talent, but at the same time, wasn't necessarily a game changer. His biggest highlight came when he ran for a 93-yard touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 8 of 2013.

Now, Pryor finds himself trying to fill a new role in the NFL, this time at wide receiver with the Cleveland Browns. Based on his relationship with Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, Pryor thinks he can take what he has learned from the All-Pro receiver, and apply that to himself.

Pryor has a great 6-6 frame to work with, and already has great speed, as displayed in the best play of his pro career. Cleveland is also seemingly an ideal place for Pryor to be, where receiving talent is needed, especially since Josh Gordon will miss the 2015 season due to suspension.

"From the top of the mountain, the view in Columbus is fantastic."

- Dennis Dodd,

Ohio State was announced as the winner of CBS Sports' Best in College Sports. The winner is determined based on the success of each school's football, basketball (men's and women's), baseball and a wild card spot. The Buckeyes beat out Louisville for the top spot.

Football was clearly a high-point for Ohio State athletics this year. Ohio State won its first national championship since 2002, and the first College Football Playoff in impressive fashion. In men's basketball, the Buckeyes made their seventh consecutive NCAA tournament appearance. Thad Matta also had his 4th top four pick in the NBA, in No. 2 overall pick D'Angelo Russell. The women's basketball team won 24 games, five of those against ranked teams, as well as making the tournament for the first time in four years. For the wild card spot, wrestler Logan Stieber became the fourth 4-time national champion in history, on top of the Buckeyes winning the team title.