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Why is this news?: Different motivations for J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones, Big Ten-ACC Challenge schedule set

All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett is looking for another shot at taking down Virginia Tech.
Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett is looking for another shot at taking down Virginia Tech.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

"You can say I have that one marked on the calendar. It does mean a lot to me personally being that I did play the game that we lost and I wasn't prepared."

- J.T. Barrett via Bill Landis, Northeast Ohio Media Group

The battle for the starting quarterback spot at Ohio State has gone underway in Columbus as the Buckeyes opened fall camp on Monday. Both J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones worked with the first-team at different points in the practices, and it appears that the country won't know who starts until one of them walks out on the field against Virginia Tech. If Barrett had it his way, he obviously wants to be the one to take that first snap, although it isn't only for that starting spot alone. Barrett, after all, started 12 games last season for Ohio State and won all of them - except for one. The only loss of the season came from the Hokies, in Barrett's second start of his career.

Now, Barrett is looking to get some revenge for what he described as him being not prepared to face Virginia Tech last season. His stat line certainly reflects that, as Barrett went a dismal 9-of-21 for 219 yards, one touchdown and three key interceptions (including one that sealed the 35-21 loss to the Hokies). In his time speaking with the media, it's clear Barrett has a fire lit under him from last season's loss and he wants to be the quarterback to set everything right. In his eyes, it was his mess, and he wants to be the one that cleans it up.

The 2015 Big Ten-ACC Challenge has already released its schedule for the upcoming basketball season, and while there's still quite a bit of time before Ohio State tips off the season, it's nice to know ahead of time the schedule in which they'll be playing. As you can see above, the Buckeyes will host the Virginia Cavaliers on Dec. 1. The 7:30 p.m. tip off will be featured on ESPN in what will likely be the largest marquee matchup that Ohio State hosts all season.

The Buckeyes do play Memphis, Connecticut, and Kentucky this season, but all of those out of conference games will be at neutral arenas (Memphis, Kentucky) or on their opponent's court (Connecticut). With D'Angelo Russell making his start in the NBA after being drafted second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers, Thad Matta will have to find new playmakers this season to compete with the best teams in the country.

"So with even if Cardale doesn't play this year, could a team take him in the first round? Sure. It's absolutely possible. But right now, we're talking about a very raw prospect who has a lot of potential. But it's all potential, not production, at this point."

- CBS Sports NFL Draft analyst Dane Brugler via Ari Wasserman, Northeast Ohio Media Group

A lot of debate over the course of the offseason was centered around whether or not Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones should enter the NFL draft or stay another year in Columbus. Obviously, Jones stayed with the Buckeyes, despite knowing that he would be competing for the starting job against Braxton Miller (at the time) and J.T. Barrett. While his decision wasn't too surprising, the argument was that Jones' stock might not ever be higher than it was after he led Ohio State to three straight victories en route to a national championship.

Even though Jones received word from scouts that he should enter the draft, Jones opted to remain at Ohio State, citing that he himself didn't think he was ready to go to the NFL. If scouts told him that he should enter the draft, that means Jones could have been drafted at least in the second round. Still, even if Jones didn't win the starting job this season, Brugler believes that teams would still take him in the draft because of the talent and physical ability that Jones has with his size and arm strength. Whether or not that's the case, it's a little more surprising that if Jones was told he could go at least in the second round and still chose to be a Buckeye.

"Not at all. (Meyer) has been here, he knows the guys. Obviously, it's Coach's program. I think Coach Warinner will be involved. I think through the process as we go, everyone will have some input to some degree because everyone is going to see practice. They're going to see it unfold. They're going to get a feel for all the intangibles, they're going to get a statistical analysis and the data and all the types of things that we're going to do to sit down and evaluate these guys."

- Ohio State quarterbacks coach Tim Beck via Jeff Svoboda,

With Tom Herman's departure as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for a head coaching job at Houston, Ohio State hired Tim Beck as the new quarterbacks coach. The position was an enticing one, I would imagine, with three quarterbacks capable of playing anywhere in the country on the depth chart. Now that one has converted to wide receiver, the job becomes slightly easier, but the decision of which one to start isn't Beck's - at least, not alone.

Urban Meyer has said as much that the decision will likely weigh on Ed Warriner's and Meyer's shoulders. Meyer notes that it wouldn't really be fair to Beck for him to be the only making the call, considering Meyer and Warriner have been around to see both quarterbacks grow and develop. It makes sense for Meyer to make this sort of call, but Beck will surely be involved in some capacity helping to figure out which quarterback should get the nod. Regardless, Beck mentions that just like in the first practice of fall camp, the Buckeyes could flip a coin to see who starts, and still come out of the season successful.