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4 Ohio State fans walk 19 mile Script Ohio, Google Maps it


Some plucky Ohio State fans are perhaps more dedicated to school spirit than you or I will ever be. I think looking back on my most proud fan accomplishments, around the most school spirited thing I ever did was conquer the Stradley Hall ninth floor NCAA 04 dynasty using Ohio State or maybe stay up all night pregaming for a random Penn State home game in 2004.

But these fine Central Ohioans decided to go the extra mile -- about 6 in fact -- and walk around UA, the campus area, and off-campus to make the coolest Script Ohio you've probably ever seen. The feat evidently took them 6 and a half hours of walking, and afterwards, they sorely (in probably more ways than one) regretted not biking it instead.

Though you've unquestionably seen the map multiple times by now, SportsCenter even did a hit on segment on these four heroes.

True Buckeye legends in my book.

(H/T @Ari_Wasserman)