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This Ohio State practice hype video will kick the weekend off in style


"Softness shows up today ... Toughness will, too ... Some do, some don't ... You're evaluated on days like today," Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer says as alternate rock blasts over ultra-high definition 4K video.

Like you haven't already stopped reading this and gone up and pressed play above.

Though "Scarlet & Gray Days" wasn't the ultimate insiders' behind the scenes look at the program hardcores hoped it was, these little theatrical trailer length hype videos might be more your flavor -- at least in terms of your ability to get you ready to run through a brick wall in short order, if nothing else.

While the rest of the college football world is is 2 weeks and a day (or less for the Michigans of the world) from seeing their regular season kickoff, Buckeye faithful won't have to wait too terribly much longer either.

The Grind begins soon, y'all.