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Everything you want to know about advanced stats and Ohio State football

We tell you how advanced stats work, why you should care, and what they mean for Virginia Tech.

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If you're a college football fan, and especially one that regularly reads this site or other SB Nation sites, you've probably heard people talking about advanced stats, like S&P+, or F/+. These new measurements find ways to tease additional insights beyond the traditional box scores, but they can also be a little intimidating, especially if you happen to be a math-phobic liberal arts major like say, me.

Don't worry though. We brought on our Chad Peltier, who writes right here and for Football Study Hall, to help explain what the most important advanced stats metrics mean, and perhaps even more importantly, what they have to do with Ohio State.

We discuss why last year's Ohio State team was actually lucky in many ways, despite QB injuries. We chat about the definitions of the biggest stats, and why people should care about them, what they say about Ohio State's offense and defense, and what they could mean for next year's Virginia Tech game.

Also, this was taped before the Noah Brown injury, so any positive things we had to say about his role in the offense this season are probably a teensy bit dated already. Thanks, podcasts!

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Or, you can just listen right below.

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