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Urban Meyer talks Virginia Tech, dealing w/ suspensions in season's 1st press conference

Meyer talks being ready for the first game of the season and the final week of the starting quarterback competition.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are exactly one week away from the 2015 season kick off against formidable foe Virginia Tech. The Buckeyes are looking for revenge against the team that kept them from an undefeated season in 2014, while also hoping to watch some of the back-ups step-up as starters amidst several suspensions.

Head coach Urban Meyer took the podium for his first official press conference of the season and discussed everything from the first week's match-up to nearing an end to the quarterback competition.

Prepping for Virginia Tech
  • Braxton Miller has had a great last three days; Meyer knew there would be growing pains with the position change, but he's "darn near ready to go". Also mentioned, "he looks like an h-back now."
  • Players are going into the first game with a chip on their shoulders and it's definitely one game that the team will play with extra motivation. Meyer mentioned the lost last year was because they weren't properly prepared.
  • Parris Campbell is currently starting on special teams next Monday
Player suspensions
  • Suspensions put up a red flag in terms of being ready to repeat such a successful season, but Meyer found the incidents were "very isolated."
Naming a starting QB
  • Meyer will "announce the starter when the first guy takes the snap."
  • "There's a chance both will play, as well," said Meyer. Meyer referenced doing this in 2006; plays will be both scripted and spontaneous as needed.
  • He doesn't think that keeping the starter quiet until the first game is a strategic advantage as both are very similar in playing style (believe it or not).
  • Some of the things Meyer is looking for throughout the week for the starting role, include "performance, practice, accuracy, leadership."
  • Game week practice starts Thursday, Meyer and coaches are hoping to know who the starting quarterback will be by then, despite not sharing it. Barrett and Jones have both impressed Meyer, Jones specifically with his maturity, and doesn't see it being tough to tell them who the starter is based on how they've approached the competition.
Other depth chart changes
  • Noah Brown is still in the hospital recovering, but they have a lot of depth at the position and aren't concerned with filling his spot through the season.
Injury updates
  • Johnnie Dixon has tendonitis issues in his knees that are a recurring problem, but he is still expected to practice and play.
  • The coaching staff takes great concern making sure players are hydrated and in-shape