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Photos: Hawaii rocking incredible retro rainbow uniforms against Ohio State


Though they're nearly six touchdown underdogs heading to face the consensus number one team in the land, the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors will have one thing on their side: an amazing throwback uniform unlikely to be equaled by the best Urban Meyer and co. can bring to the table.

Per a Hawaii/Under Armour release:

The all-white Under Armour uniform will feature rainbow stripes on the shoulder pad and rainbow stripes down the sides of the pant. The white top is patterned after the kelly green home retro set the team has been sporting for the past two seasons.

A white helmet with green facemasks and 1980s rainbow logo will accompany the uniform.

Hawaii's regression to the mean after edging Colorado in the season opener may be swift once the football's kicked off, but regardless of what the outcome is, at least they'll look great doing it.