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Ohio State to pay nearly $3 million to host Army, Florida Atlantic in football

Guarantee games don't come cheap.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, Ohio State announced two new additions to their non-conference schedules, with a 2017 tilt against Army, and a 2019 matchup against Florida Atlantic University. Land-Grant Holy Land has  obtained the actual contracts for both games, which include a few interesting tidbits.:

  • Getting a team to come to Ohio Stadium without a return trip isn't cheap, and it's becoming even less cheap. Ohio State will pay $1.4 million to FAU for their 2019 game. They're actually paying even more to Army for the 2017 matchup, with the Cadets getting $1.45 Million for their trip to Columbus.
  • Guarantee games aren't cheap, and haven't been for a while. The Buckeyes paid $1.2 to Hawaii to make their trip on Saturday, and will pay Northern Illinois $900,000 for this week's game, but we haven't seen a contract that pays out more than $1.3 million yet from Ohio State. With the Big Ten's new rule prohibiting conference teams from facing FCS squads taking effect next season, look for these prices to remain high, now that available inventory has shrunk.
  • It's unlikely that FAU's band would travel all the way to Columbus to perform, but if they do, they'll have to pay for it. The contract specifically says that FAU's band will not be admitted at no cost. Ohio State is releasing 2,500 tickets for FAU fans to purchase.
  • Army's band, on the other hand, will be admitted to the game at no charge, should they wish to attend. Army does not get any complimentary tickets to the game though. Army fans will get 3,500 tickets to purchase.

Ohio State will face Army on Sept. 16, 2017, between home games against Oklahoma and UNLV. Ohio State will host Florida Atlantic on Aug. 31, 2019, to kick off the season, before home games against Cincinnati and TCU. Barring any cancelations of schedule adjustments, the Buckeyes do not have any open dates on their schedule until 2018, when they have one open spot, which will be a home game. The Buckeyes host Oregon State and travel to TCU that season, so expect whatever other game in 2018 to be a low major type program.