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Carlos Hyde hit the Vikings with the Braxton Miller spin move

The 49ers' running back had a career day, rushing for 100+ yards for the first time in his young NFL career.

While you were sleeping, former Ohio State standout (and Urban Meyer's first ever 1,000 yard rusher at running back) Carlos Hyde was doing the lion's share of the work for the 49ers.

With both the 49ers and Vikings looking like they were paying homage to Iowa-Iowa State, in the first cohesive drive of the evening, Carlos Hyde continued serving as the only breath of fresh air for San Francisco, essentially serving as a one man wrecking crew.

Late in the drive however, with the goal line the closest it'd been all-evening for either team, Hyde paid homage to his former quarterback, Braxton Miller, and hit 'em with that b-button spin move:

Touchdown, El Guapo.

And Braxton? Well he saw it too (and more than approved):

Who knew the S in OSU stood for 'spin'?

Hyde went on to have one of the best rushing days of his young professional career, finishing with 168 yards rushing (the first time he'd gone over 100 as a pro) and adding a second touchdown to his totals. In the process, he became the NFL's leading rusher after one week of play. He celebrated TD number two with a few of his closest friends:

"It felt like I was back at Ohio State," Hyde would go on to say after the Niners were victorious.

We couldn't agree more.