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Cardale Jones 'rushed to hospital with severe head pain', expected to be fine

After some ominous social media reports from alleged family members of the quarterback, it was confirmed he went to the hospital with an apparent migraine but has since been released.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Cardale Jones was reportedly taken to the emergency room Wednesday night after suffering from what sounds like a 'severe' headache, according to Tony Zarrella from 19 Action News in Cleveland. Kayla Anderson from 10 TV in Columbus later confirmed the report, adding that her source believed it 'might be dehydration'.

The news first surfaced on social media when Jones' apparent brother Donte posted on Facebook that his brother had to be rushed to the hospital for what he described as a bad headache and inability to move. A woman who also looks to be relative (possible sister?) also asked for her Facebook friends to pray for Jones. Both Jones' social media postings were later deleted.

Here's the apparent family members' posts that were later removed:

There's no word on the severity of the situation or Jones' status from any official channels. Let's all hope this is being blown out of proportion and Cardale is healthy and fine.

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UPDATE (11:28 p.m.): Per the Toledo Blade's David Briggs, Cardale's mother says she expects Jones to be just fine:

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UPDATE (11:06 a.m.): An Ohio State spokesperson confirms Cardale Jones was examined last night, was released afterwards, and is doing fine today.