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Watch Cardale Jones give a pregame speech for his alma matter

The Ohio State QB was in the house rooting on his high school Saturday evening.

Cardale Jones has been making the local high school rounds lately.

A week after attending a local high school football game with Buckeye coach Urban Meyer, the Buckeyes' national championship winning head coach was in the Cleveland metroplex to cheer on his alma matter, Glenville High School.

Despite having had to take a trip to the hospital with an apparent migraine just days earlier, Dolodale was in good spirits as he pumped up the troops before a big game against St. Edward.

Despite encouraging the team to "show them why they wear that 'Ville on our chests", St. Edward seemed to have the Tarblooders number on the evening.

Ted Ginn Sr.'s side ultimately fell, 52-20 in a game they fell behind big early.

Let's hoping Cardale saved all his good vibes for Monday in Blacksburg.
H/T: @AriWasserman