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Virginia Tech AD says Metallica won't be at the Ohio State game

Bad news if you're a fan of post haircut Metallica.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Since around this past Friday, there's been rumors of varying degrees of substance that either Metallica or the names Metallica usually uses to check into hotels were spotted in Roanoke, VA.

Whether you've been to The Star City of the South or not prior, it's about the closest approximation of civilization en route to the outskirts of Southwest Virginia where Virginia Tech's located.

But even though you're likely to hear "Enter Sandman" for the first time since the last time in college you played power hour Monday night, the bad news is that Virginia Tech's AD Saturday morning shot down the idea that the band would be in the house playing it in person in Lane Stadium:

Is Athletic Director Babcock shooting straight with us or just being a master showman and trying to build suspense? Guess we'll find out soon enough.