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Why is this news?: Joey Bosa is ready to be back, the sky is the limit for Braxton Miller

All the big Ohio State news, in one helpful place.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

"He's definitely going to come out with a chip on his shoulder, and I think you'll probably see a different Joey than before -- which is kind of scary."

Ezekiel Elliott, via Austin Ward, ESPN

Joey Bosa spent Ohio State's first game watching Ezekiel Elliott's 3-month-old puppy while the Buckeyes went into Blacksburg for their revenge game against Virginia Tech. The suspension did not sit well with Bosa, who was seen putting in extra work after everyone else had hit the showers. Luke Fickell spoke to Ward and told him that Bosa was humbled by the situation, and has matured because of it.

If Bosa has a new hunger that he did not have last year per this article, opposing offenses are in for quite the nightmare. Bosa already played with a great motor and high intensity, and if he has only improved his work ethic and found a new level of motivation, it's going to be a long day for teams that face the Buckeyes. Virginia Tech had a hard enough time with Bosa's replacement in Sam Hubbard, imagine what will happen when Bosa finally comes back around.

"I used that with him for the first year and a half at quarterback -- I never saw the ceiling," Meyer said on the Big Ten teleconference Tuesday. "I don't see the ceiling with this one, either."

Urban Meyer, via Ari Wasserman, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Urban Meyer discussed expectations for Braxton Miller in the future, who says he can't see the ceiling with Braxton Miller at H-back. Miller hasn't exactly had the most time to adjust since his position change, but showed in practice and against Virginia Tech that he is more than capable of playing the position. Meyer also said that although he was already disciplined, Braxton Miller's work ethic had become even better.

Watching Braxton Miller on some plays, he seemed nervous or even unsure at times on a route, which speaks volumes considering the great game that he had. Miller called himself the best athlete in college football over the summer, and he showed it on the juke play that will be cemented in the memories of those that watched the play happen live. Braxton Miller played a hell of a game on Monday night against Virginia Tech, and still has room for a lot of improvement and will improve, which should strike fear into opposing defenses with the Buckeyes on the schedule.

"Even the quarterbacks themselves were kept in the dark until the end. [Urban] Meyer said last week that he would inform [J.T.] Barrett and [Cardale] Jones on Saturday which one would start against Virginia Tech. According to Jones, Meyer didn't."

- Bill Rabinowitz, The Columbus Dispatch

We get some great quotes from Urban Meyer on the biggest story of the offseason here thanks to the Columbus Dispatch. Rabinowitz says that Meyer felt Cardale Jones would give the Buckeyes an advantage over Virginia Tech's defense. He also felt that since Jones finished the season as the starter, it was his job to lose. Meyer also said that the quarterbacks handled the competition quite well, and that there was no divide among the team.

While J.T. Barrett is undoubtedly an amazing talent, and a starter on almost every other FBS team, it's hard to say that Jones is not the best selection for the Buckeyes. Sure, Jones doesn't stuff the stat sheet the same way, and sometimes he makes throws that will make you hold your breath, but they almost always end up in the right hands. He is also the guy that finished off last year with a blowout victory over Wisconsin, and wins over Alabama and Oregon. Not many people, first, second, or third string can say that.

"If all draft eligible Buckeyes declare for 2016, there's a chance they'll have the most selections by a program in any one draft. The all-time mark in a seven round draft is 14, held by none other than Ohio State in 2004."

John Harris, Washington Post

It has been mentioned plenty of times how great this group of Buckeyes can be, but they can make historic waves outside of the Ohio State realm. Come May, the Buckeyes can have the most draft selections by any college program. John Harris did analysis on the potential pro prospects, and listed Cardale Jones, Ezekiel Elliott, Nick Vannett, Michael Thomas, Braxton Miller, Taylor Decker, Pat Elflein, Adolphus Washington, Joey Bosa, Darron Lee, Joshua Perry, and Vonn Bell as seemingly sure picks. The lowest ranked of the group was Perry, who Harris projected as a 4th or 5th rounder.

With a team that had such a great performance during bowl season last year, it should be no surprise how highly touted this group of Buckeyes are. You typically don't see large groups of guys coming back to a team in that fashion, and especially a team with elite talent seemingly across the board at every position. You can single out each player on Harris' list, and come up with tons of reasons as to why you would want that guy on your team. One thing is for sure, and that's Urban Meyer knows how to pick them.