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Ezekiel Elliott shows off the most powerful abs in college football after touchdown run


After plunging through the middle for his second touchdown of the day, stretching Ohio State's lead to 21-7 in the Fiesta Bowl, Ezekiel Elliott decided to quickly give the people what they want. In the end zone, Elliott quickly flashed his stomach, a reference to his trademark crop top look from last season, when Elliott and the Buckeyes ran all the way to a National Championship.

Of course, the NCAA decided that Elliott's bare stomach was just too much for the children of America, and quickly banned his unconventional uniform choice, but you can't keep a good thing down forever. From his run blocking, to his powerful, tackle-breaking runs, to his immaculate sense of style, Ezekiel Elliott left quite a mark on Ohio State during his career.

Here's hoping that isn't his last touchdown celebration as a Buckeye.