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Joey Bosa's brother Nick, future Ohio State DE, vows to finish what he started

Pretty awesome, to be honest.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State All-American defensive end Joey Bosa's career didn't end the way anyone wanted it to.

On a play where he demonstrated poor form tackle and lowered the crown of his helmet into the chest of Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer, Bosa negated an Ohio State interception and was eventually ejected in a correct interpretation of the controversial targeting rule.

After Bosa took a long walk to the locker room, he issued a public apology to Ohio State fans everywhere.

But that doesn't mean this book is over and done with.

Though the next time Bosa plays organized football it'll be at the professional level, Joey's younger brother, Nick, is due to arrive at Ohio State later this year.

A four/five-star type in his own right, some have even speculated that the younger Bosa is already better at the same stage than Bosa was as a senior in high school.

The younger brother took to social media to make it known that the Bosa legacy was alive and well at OSU:

Pretty cool, huh, Ohio State Buckeyes?