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Ohio State's Fiesta Bowl shirts make fun of Notre Dame's 'Play Like a Champion Today' plaque

You crazy for this one, Nike.

Nike really went all out in sticking it to non-Nike school Notre Dame.

A long time Adidas school, the Fighting Irish jumped to another Nike rival, Under Armour, in 2014.

With Ohio State one of Nike's strongest partner brands -- and likely set for a record contract extension when they negotiate their next deal -- the sporting goods company elected to really mock the Irish, parodying their famed "Play Like A Champion Today" plaque for the Buckeyes' 2016 Fiesta Bowl championship shirts pictured above:

Whether you're an Ohio State die hard or just a Notre Dame hater, you've got to be hard pressed not to love the commitment to that level of trolling.

You can get your 2016 Ohio State Fiesta Bowl champions living-subtweet t-shirts at the Ohio State Buckeyes' official store now.