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Michigan hockey player sucker punches Ohio State freshman in post-game fight

Just a brutal cheap shot from the Michigan sophomore.

Everyone know about how nasty things can get during 'The Game', when the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines meet on the football field, but what happens when tempers boil over in one of the most violent sports of all?

On Sunday, the Michigan hockey team defeated Ohio State by a final of 8-6, but the action was far from over when the final whistle blew. Both teams broke out into a shoving match, that was mostly a damage-control effort by eight of the ten players on the ice.

Ohio State freshman Brendan Kearney and Michigan sophomore Cutler Martin had a few extra words to say to each other, however, and despite having a linesman between them, Martin delivered a vicious sucker punch, slamming Kearney's head into the ice.

Fighting is already disallowed in college hockey, but this punch from Martin will surely worsen any suspension that he was already going to receive. Thankfully, there is at least one report that Kearney is 'okay' after the incident.

These two teams will meet again in early-March, and you can bet there will be some repercussions.