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Ohio State's Ted Ginn and Philly Brown helped lead the Panthers to the Super Bowl

As Mike Thomas would say, "#shhhhhhh".

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With Bradley Roby already waiting in the wings, Ohio State Buckeyes continued making their impact felt on the NFL's conference championship games -- and in a big way.

Ted Ginn got things jump started early for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

After a couple promising plays, Ginn finally broke through, catching a pass, making some moves straight out of his Ohio State days, and then taking it to the house, helping put the Panthers up on the Arizona Cardinals, 10-0:

On the very next drive, fellow former Buckeye Corey "Philly" Brown ran a really great route which got Cardinals DB Rashad Johnson completely turned around. The net result? Another former Ohio State wide receiver touchdown -- and an expanded 17-0 lead for Carolina:

Imagine the look on Urban Meyer's face when things culminate in a Super Bowl featuring an Ohio State star DB lined up across a pair of star wide receivers, especially with National Signing Day 2016 just two weeks away.

Both Buckeyes would finish with near career days, Philly with four catches for 113 yards and a TD and Ginn with two catches for 52 yards and a score as well. Ginn would add 22 yards rushing.