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Ohio State's basketball coach channeled yelling Stanford fan, chanted 'Heisman' during interview

The Buckeyes basketball coach is too real for this.

One of sports' first memes of 2016 now has a definitively Ohio State flair.

While Ohio State junior Marc Loving -- who had a career-high 27 points in a hard-fought, close win against former Buckeye assistant John Groce and the Illinois Fighting Illini -- conducted a postgame interview with the Big Ten Network, Thad Matta channeled his inner-yelling-Stanford-fan and chanted "Heisman" several times, soliciting laughter from the interviewer.

Although it might not have the retweets or likes that some of the funnier versions of the internet-based version of the meme have solicited, Matta taking the meme 'IRL' is some next-level virality.

It wasn't quite hitting the nae nae and whip, dabbing, or running off on da plug twice, but it'll do Coach Matta. It'll do just nicely.