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Ohio State opens as 20.5-point favorites for trip to Penn State

Vegas is unconcerned with 2014’s close call.

Maryland v Penn State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

A week ago at this time, Ohio State was pegged as nearly two score underdogs for a tough road trip to Madison, WI.

As yesterday proved, Vegas isn’t concerned with predicting games, so much as trying to establish a mark by which to mitigate their losses and get interest on both sides of the ledger. Take the following with a grain of salt, but if the smaller books that comprise the Vegas Insider Consensus Line are accurate, Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes are expected to take what they learned from a difficult overtime road win against Wisconsin and use it to really take it to James Franklin and the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Per the first reliable lines out this week, the Buckeyes are just under three-score favorites, at 20.5-points. About an hour after the line opened, OSU jumped up to an even 21-point favorite.

Penn State’s certainly been shaky, having been ravaged by injuries and massive transition amongst the coaches ranks on both sides of the ball. Even still, advanced metrics seem to love the 2016 Nittany Lions. The S&P+ Ratings currently grade PSU as the 20th best team in the country.

Will OSU take it to Penn State a la last season? Or will PSU have another shot at home to disrupt the Buckeyes’ prospective College Football Playoff run? Stay tuned.