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Urban Meyer on his sideline interference penalty: ‘Get rid of the damn rule’

The head coach said the sideline judge barely grazed his headset.

Saturday’s Ohio State game against the No. 8 ranked Wisconsin Badgers was bound to be close, but few expected the Buckeyes to trail almost the entire game before ending up in overtime. It was a true road test, and one that can only benefit the young group of players, who are away again this week against Penn State, and again later in the season versus Michigan State.

Urban Meyer took the defeated look to a whole new level on Saturday following a game that included endless penalties -- even a 15-yard call for sideline interference against the head coach.

  • The head coach was quick to note that everything about Saturday’s Wisconsin team was “about as good or better than they expected” from players to coaches. He credited the crowd for creating one of the toughest environments he’s played in.
  • When asked about two games in a row where the passing game looked like a “square-wheel”, Meyer took offense to the comment, stating they work way to hard to be called a square-wheel. He went on to say that there were differences in the two game struggle, with improvements made in Wisconsin.
  • Against Indiana the receivers were able to get behind the defenders, but against Wisconsin, they were just facing a tough secondary. They are working hard on the passing game this week, and are fairly healthy.
  • On Dontre Wilson’s turbulent career at Ohio State, Meyer boasts Wilson’s “huge catch” from Saturday. The head coach noted the receiver came in with expectation, but the “poor guy” broke his foot against Michigan State two years ago, and still isn’t 100%. They’ve adjusted his practice schedule and training to account for that lingering injury.
  • Meyer was adamant there shouldn’t have been a penalty for sideline interference, but the referee barely grazed his headset, missing his head. The head coach was clear “get rid of the damn rule”. He admitted he needs to be more aware, but thought he was behind the ball and within the guidelines.
  • When asked how this year’s Penn State team differs from last year’s, Meyer said the defensive concept is very similar — despite having a new coordinator — but that the offense looks completely different. He admittedly gave “coach speak” when asked about how they can contain Penn State’s running back, noting the Silver Bullets needs to “tackle well and be gap-sound”.
  • Meyer also notes that this year’s Penn State’s linebackers will be one of the best groups they’ve faced in the last two years.