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Give Curtis Samuel the dang ball: Ohio State’s H-back explodes for a 74-yard touchdown

And that is why you give him the ball.

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. Ohio State’s offense was sputtering as they struggled to find ways to give their best player the ball.

Early in the third quarter, Ohio State clung to a 12-7 lead over Penn State. The Buckeyes had yet to establish much of a downfield passing game, and Curtis Samuel had yet to actually get a carry at all, much to the chagrin of basically every Buckeye fan on Twitter. Ohio State needs a big play to change the trajectory of the game.

So they gave Curtis Samuel the ball. And he took it 74 yards through the heart of, uh, Pennsylvania:

This was the longest play Penn State had given up all year, and extended Ohio State’s margin to 19-7. With Penn State’s offense struggling for most of the game, every point, and every explosive play, matters.

We’ll see if Ohio State can find a way to get the ball to Samuel a few more times before the day is done.