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Ohio State’s Urban Meyer: ‘This one’s put to bed. It’s time to move forward’

OSU’s coach is satisfied with his coaches and the playcalling despite a tough loss.

Coming off the first loss of the season, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer took to the podium to discuss adjustments the team is making ahead of Saturday’s matchup against Northwestern. The rest of the Buckeyes’ schedule will be grueling, and their loss against Penn State can either motivate them to finish strong, or be the beginning of the end to such a promising season.

Meyer has been known to say that you don’t beat up your players after a loss, you do it after a win. So it’s no surprise that the head coach was level-headed when addressing the shortcomings of the young offense and special teams issues from the loss.

  • “I don’t think we played our best game,” Meyer opened Monday. There haven’t been any specific conversations about personnel changes, but they usually address those things on Mondays and will evaluate it later on.
  • He reiterated that right after a loss is “not time to go into people” but admitted it’s “not business as usual”. He noted that the team has incredible leadership and they let the loss “hurt for awhile” and move on and get ready for the next matchup.
  • In a message that has been made often by the head coach, the young wide receivers need to elevate. Meyer spoke about how the group as a whole is rather similar and wishes one or two would separate themselves from the rest of the receivers.
  • Meyer also noted that the offensive line “did not play very well” but that they will identify the issues, work on them, and make personnel changes if needed. He did admit that the OL as a whole has regressed from earlier this season and did not give J.T. Barrett the best protection against Penn State. They didn’t give the quarterback enough time to go through his reads, which made it hard to get into rhythm.
  • The head coach was asked about the late game field goal that seemed dripping in confusion. Meyer said there were two options at the point -- they were on the 29-yard line and they could either go for it or punt it into the endzone.
  • Meyer’s first reaction when asked about Northwestern was “wow”. He continued that they are one of the most improved teams he’s seen. They’re coming off a couple big wins on the road, their defense is outstanding and they’ve got “gigantic guys”.
  • When asked about certain specific plays from Saturday, Meyer admitted he’s “so focused on Northwestern” he was having a hard time recalling certain issues. He repeated he’s ready to move on — there are a “bunch of players hurting, bunch of coaches are hurting, we have to put it to bed”.