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Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one mad online after Ohio State’s loss

We come to grips with the Buckeyes’ loss in Happy Valley and more.

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NCAA Football: Ohio State at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It had to happen again at some point, right? For the first time since last November —and only the fifth time in the Urban Meyer era— Ohio State lost a football game.

The 24-21 defeat in Happy Valley was a sudden punch to the gut, and naturally left many Buckeye fans #mad #online. Your hosts of The Hangout in the Holyland weren’t exempt from those feelings, and decided to let them out on this week’s episode.

But, rather than beat a dead horse by talking about the struggles of the offensive line, wide receivers, or special teams, Matt Brown and Colton Denning spent time this week discussing:

  • Why their personal feelings about the Penn State football program make the loss sting even more
  • Why a loss was inevitable after what we’ve seen the past three weeks
  • Being more upset with the process of the loss than the actual result
  • Penn State deserving credit for the win, and remembering that Meyer’s teams have a history of strong play after losing

Afterwards, the guys preview Ohio State’s upcoming game versus Northwestern, their fraudulent journalism school improving offense, and why they think the Wildcats are going to get steamrolled.

Finally, the podcast goes off the rails as they talk World Series, Colton turns heel and buries both Cubs and Indians fans, and Matt discusses his wife’s awesome takeover of his Twitter account.

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