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Ohio State’s prepared to regroup against Northwestern

The Penn State loss won’t keep them down.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

“There haven’t been many chances to use it, but there is a loss protocol to be followed at Ohio State.”

- Austin Ward, ESPN

We all know the painful loss the Ohio State Buckeyes had on Saturday. The replay of that blocked field goal and the resulting touchdown have been all over televisions, tablets, and phones in the days since. But there’s still plenty of season left, and the Buckeyes still have hopes of making the College Football Playoff. Urban Meyer has been great at making sure his team doesn’t hang their heads from losses, and last season was a perfect example of that. The expectations had never been higher, and they fell flat against Michigan State. They then went on to plow Michigan and Notre Dame.

J.T. Barrett knows that despite the loss, it’s not the end as he told Ward. “We’re going to find out what we’re made of,” Barrett said. “When backs are against the wall, when things are against us, a loss will really show your true character and true colors.” Billy Price has a similar mentality. “We’ve been here before,” Price said. “This isn’t an occurrence that happens often, but we grow from this, we get tighter together and we focus in on us.” That’s the kind of leadership this young Buckeyes team needs, and hopefully it will be enough to carry them where they’d like to ultimately be, in the national championship.

“In coming up with a cure for the case of youth rash that has afflicted the Ohio State offensive line, perspective appears to be key.”

- Tim May, The Columbus Dispatch

It was not a secret this past Saturday that the Buckeyes’ offensive line just didn’t have it. They couldn’t protect J.T. Barrett, and they couldn’t provide running lanes for Mike Weber. Meyer told May that while he doesn’t see any need for personnel change, the team just has to get better. Which, doesn’t seem like anything that anybody could really disagree with. The team is talented, and got off to a hot start, but since the bye week following the Oklahoma game, the same punch hasn’t been there out on the field, and it’s been pretty noticeable.

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald, who the Buckeyes face this week had an interesting perspective when it came to the Buckeyes. “I see a bunch of five-star and four-star recruits that are unbelievable fundamentally, they’re incredibly well-coached,” Fitzgerald said. “You know, they’ve played two very good teams and they’ve been tough battles. I think they’ve won on tape more than they’ve lost, they’ve just been in some difficult and challenging games.”

“Joey Bosa is headed places no Charger has ever gone.”

- Kevin Acee, San Diego Union Tribune

Joey Bosa’s NFL career on the field has gotten off to a great start, especially when you consider the way some were making it out to be when it took forever for the team to sign him. People were already calling him a bust, among a bunch of other things. Now? Acee says, “Bosa is on his way to becoming the biggest star to ever play for the San Diego Chargers. That’s a pretty high pedestal to put a rookie on, but he’s shown that type of promise in his three games on the field.

The Bosa effect has been great in San Diego. After their 1-3 start, it really seemed like Mike McCoy was going to be looking for a new job. But the team has become one of the more exciting teams to watch in the NFL. Bosa had a big day against the Atlanta Falcons last week in their overtime win, with two sacks, giving him four on the year. It took them a while to get Bosa in the door, but he’s been worth the wait for the San Diego fans. It also appears they will be able to enjoy him for a long time.