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Urban Meyer says the staff wants Mike Weber to “be like Zeke”

The head coach knows Indiana won’t be an easy win on Saturday.

Urban Meyer is just days removed from his team’s first Big Ten win of the season, and despite a 48-0 win over his former assistance coach Chris Ash, Meyer knows the Buckeyes are heading into the tough stretch of their season. Having a bye week early on is great with a group of young guys, but doesn’t allow much time for rest or rehab throughout the remainder of the year.

Ohio State is preparing to face an Indiana team that forced Michigan State into overtime and sent the Spartans back to East Lansing with a conference loss early in Week 4. Meyer knows they are an “outstanding team”, even stating that this is probably the best Hoosier team Ohio State has faced.

  • Barrett was the only quarterback Meyer recruited without ever seeing him throw. He is “very close” to the gold standard Meyer has previously given to Tim Tebow. Barrett is managing the game much better this year, and by spreading around the offense, players are able to catch their breath, even with an uptempo scheme.
  • Meyer was asked if Mike Weber was more similar to Ezekiel Elliott or Carlos Hyde; the head coach didn’t hesitate to choose Hyde, noting Weber is “a banger” but doesn’t have the top end that Zeke does.
  • On training Mike Weber, it was assumed Meyer would have told Weber not to try and emulate Zeke and his production, but the head coach quickly squashed that and mentioned they do want him to “be like Zeke”.
  • Meyer said this young team -- full of 18 year olds — hasn’t let the success get to their heads despite the coaching staff trying to trap them a little bit after the bye week.
  • Specific notes on a few offensive players include Parris Campbell, one of the best gunners in the country; Terry McLaurin is a program guy and it was great seeing his first touchdown; Marcus Baugh had his best game so far as a Buckeye.

Players of the game

Offense: J.T. Barrett and Mike Weber

Meyer noted that Barrett setting a school record at a University like Ohio State is a big deal, even earning him the game ball. Weber had 14 carries for 144 yards and is playing hard and doing good things without the ball.

Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, Marcus Baugh and five guys on the line all got nods from Meyer as MVPs and Champions of the Game.

Defense: The entire defense

Meyer noted that the entire defense earned Player of the Game mentions, thanks to them keeping Rutgers to 116 total yards.