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Ohio State ranked No. 6 in the latest AP and Coaches Polls

The Buckeyes move up a couple of spots in the Coaches Poll.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Ohio State Buckeyes played their first game since their loss against the Penn State Nittany Lions, and came away with a win against the Northwestern Wildcats. The Buckeyes didn’t look great along the way, and after the win, come away with a No. 6 ranking in the Coaches Poll, up two spots from last week. They held the same ranking in the AP Poll.

The Buckeyes will be preparing this week for Nebraska, who got their first loss on the season against Wisconsin. The Big Ten West is now much more interesting than it was before Saturday, and the Buckeyes still hold their destiny in their own hands.

J.T. Barrett and the Ohio State offense will be looking to find some life through the air against the Cornhuskers on Saturday. Hopefully the Bucks can find that moving forward, as we near the tail end of the season.

The entire AP and Coaches Polls are below.

AP (prev) Coaches S&P+ Massey
1 Alabama Alabama Michigan Alabama
2 Michigan Michigan Alabama Michigan
3 Clemson Clemson Louisville Clemson
4 Washington Washington Clemson Washington
5 Louisville Louisville Washington Ohio State
6 Ohio State Ohio State (8) Ohio State Texas A&M
7 Texas A&M (9) Texas A&M (10) LSU Louisville
8 Wisconsin (11) Wisconsin (11) Auburn Auburn
9 Nebraska (7) Florida (12) Florida Wisconsin
10 Florida (14) Nebraska (6) Wisconsin WMU
11 Auburn (15) Oklahoma (15) Oklahoma WVU
12 Oklahoma (16) Auburn (17) Colorado Boise State
13 Baylor (8) Baylor (6) Virginia Tech Nebraska
14 WVU (10) LSU (19) FSU Florida
15 LSU (19) WVU (9) Penn State Colorado
16 Utah (17) Utah (16) Texas A&M Tennessee
17 WMU (20) UNC (20) USC FSU
18 UNC (21) WMU (21) Baylor LSU
19 FSU (12) FSU (14) Ole Miss Virginia Tech
20 Penn State (24) Colorado (23) Boise State Penn State
21 Colorado (23) Virginia Tech (25) WMU WSU
22 Okla. State (NR) Okla State (28) Nebraska Oklahoma
23 Virginia Tech (25) Penn State (27) App State USC
24 Boise State (13) Boise State (13) WKU Utah
25 Wash. State (NR) Wash. State (26) WVU UNC