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Ohio State is dominating in the way we expected them to last season

Better late than never.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

“Ohio State looks like the killing machine it was supposed to be last year.”

- Bill Connelly, SB Nation

SB Nation’s Bill Connelly, who always provides the best insight when it comes to number crunching in college football has outlined the 28 teams that he believes to be left in contention for the College Football Playoff. With the Buckeyes off to a great 4-0 start and having shown very few signs of weakness, it only makes sense that the Bucks rank No. 1 in S&P+ win probabilities. They also possess the greatest chance of running the table out of any team in college football leading up to conference championship weekend.

Next to the Buckeyes are the Clemson Tigers. They stand as the only two teams with greater than 20 percent chance at remaining unbeaten. Connelly also points out that the odds of Ohio State and Michigan meeting for The Game undefeated are very high, and it would be almost exactly 10 years since the last time it happened. And we all know how that one ended up. An undefeated Urban Meyer coached team vs an undefeated Jim Harbaugh coached team almost sounds too good to be true, but let’s hope it happens. So far, it’s looking pretty good.

“As frustrated as some Chargers fans may be with Joey Bosa, rest assured that Bosa is doing all he can to work back from a hamstring injury and make his long-awaited NFL debut.”

- Tom Krasovic, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Joey Bosa and the Chargers are past their contract dispute, but Bosa has yet to step on the field. His lingering hamstring injury has been a huge nuisance for Bosa, and as much as he would like to try and push his way back, that’s just not realistic with an injury like that. The restlessness of Chargers fans isn’t helping Bosa’s morale, but former teammates at Ohio State are helping Bosa keep his mind right as he fights through this tough time early in his career.

Joshua Perry, who also happens to be his teammate in San Diego told Krasovic that every time he asks Bosa about the hamstring he’s frustrated. But that he and everyone else understand this isn’t something he can just fight. “He’s a tough kid, so if it was something else, he’d try to push through it,” Perry told Krasovic. “But that’s one of those things that, the more you try to push through it, the worse it gets.” Vonn Bell, who is now with the Saints, has been encouraging for Bosa, telling him to just get healthy, and that, “I know that he’s going to tear it up as soon as he gets out there.”

“J.T. Barrett already has the Ohio State career record for touchdown passes but, by the end of his career, he could finish at or near the top of a number of OSU career listings.”

- Rich Exner, Northeast Ohio Media Group

This past Saturday, J.T. Barrett passed Bobby Hoying for the most career touchdown passes in Ohio State history. That’s pretty impressive, considering how quickly Barrett has done it, and with very limited snaps last season. Barrett might not be done breaking records, as’s Rich Exner points out. He’s currently No. 1 in passer rating ahead of Troy Smith and Cardale Jones. To keep that record, he would have to keep up his current pace, and he should be fine. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

As far as passing yards, that’s a much different story compared to the two aforementioned records. Barrett is currently 11th in career passing yards with 4,714. Art Schlichter holds the record at 7,547. According to Exner, at Barrett’s current season average at 222 yards per game, he would have to play another 13 games to pass Schlichter. If Barrett goes pro after this year, Schlichter’s record is safe, unless Barrett goes on a historic tear for the rest of this season (which, I wouldn’t count on). Rushing yardage for quarterbacks is another climb, but he’s already up there. Barrett stands in 4th at 1,825 yards, behind Cornelius Greene, Terrelle Pryor, and Braxton Miller at No. 1. Miller has 3,314, and just like Schlichter’s record, that seems pretty hard to touch. Nonetheless, Barrett has been a hell of a quarterback for Urban Meyer the past few seasons.