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Polling data shows that a majority of Ohio residents think Ohio State would beat the Browns

This is sad and completely on brand for Browns fans.

Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

As anyone who follows the machinations of political polling knows, to lighten up their normally humdrum lives, pollsters like to throw in ridiculous questions, usually meant to generate clickbait headlines or giggles from polling wonks who dive deep enough into the data.

In their most recent polling of Ohio, one of the most tightly-contested swing states, the Public Policy Polling organization included some questions to gauge the overlap between sports and politics. The biggest headline from the report for sports fans is that an absurdly high number of Ohio residents believe that if the Ohio State collegiate football team faced off with the professional Cleveland Browns, that the Buckeyes would win.

What makes this polling even more sad, not to mention completely on brand for Browns fans, is that despite believing that a college team could defeat an NFL squad, the Browns are still Ohio’s favorite professional football team, beating the Cincinnati Bengals 43% to 29%

In addition, the polling company compared the favorability ratings of two widely disliked people and institutions amongst Ohioans, the University of Michigan and Donald J. Trump.

After finally bringing a championship to Cleveland, it’s no surprise that LeBron James has impressive popularity in his home state, but it is a little surprising considering that he made a surprise endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who leads Trump by just one point in the state.

James has a favorability rating of 60/18, but unsurprisingly, it rises to 77/8 amongst Clinton supporters.

PPP also found that both Trump and Clinton supporters seem to have little issue with the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo logo. Among Trump voters, 82% approve of it to just 1% who disapproves, while 52% of Clinton voters approve, compared to 17% who do not.