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Ohio State showed no quarter in a 62-3 shellacking of Maryland

32 first downs combined with Terp turnovers led the Buckeyes to a smashing victory in College Park.

Ohio State v Maryland Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Maryland is a fascinating place that’s rich with history. Its nickname is the Old Line State, which comes from the Revolutionary War and the Maryland soldiers holding the line in the fight for American independence. Additionally, Maryland was a focal point in the War of 1812, a war that was partially caused by the British clowning around and blocking the ports for the colonies. In 1813, the Brits started anchoring ships off the coast of Annapolis in order to stifle the American trade via blockade.

In both cases, Maryland – as well as the original colonies – were never gonna give up, never gonna let the people down, never gonna run around and desert the cause. As history will tell you, both cases ended with the colonies dunking on the British and handing the tea drinkers two Ls to take back across the Atlantic.

Maryland has done more than help gain America’s independence. They’ve been at the forefront of putting Old Bay seasoning on just about everything. From blue crabs to potato chips, Old Bay seasoning is practically on the business card for the state.

Maryland also is the home of hero turned villain Kevin Durant and comedic funnyman Dave Chappelle. (We’ll count D.C. as practically being in Maryland).

But don’t let all these things distract you from the fact that Ohio State laid the smackdown on Maryland, 62-3, in a chilly afternoon/evening in College Park, Md.

Let’s take a look at the power ranking:

1. Picking up first downs

Ohio State racked up an astounding 32 first downs against the Terrapins. That’s an impressive number; what makes it even more impressive is the fact that the Buckeyes only ran a total of 79 plays to get to that mark. Roughly 40 percent of the OSU plays resulted in the chains getting moved.

A big reason behind the Buckeyes being able to move down the field was because of a) an offense that clicked, again, and b) UMD’s defense just being outmatched. Running back Mike Weber picked up 93 total yards, while Demario McCall busted onto the scene with 53 yards and a touchdown. Redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett did J.T. Barrett things, like running for a couple scores and passing over 253 yards (while also picking up two TDs in the air).

Once all the stats were placed on the ledger, Maryland’s defense was responsible for giving up 581 yards.

In comparison, Maryland picked up 10 first downs on 67 plays – which comes out to about 15 percent of plays resulting in a fresh set of downs – and ended the game with 176 total yards.

At least the Maryland jerseys looked cool.

2. The Defense

The vaunted Buckeye defense has been known to force turnovers. It’s just a matter of time before the opposition commits a mistake and the Scarlet and Gray takes advantage.

Against the Terps, defenseman Marshon Lattimore picked off an errant pass and Raekwon McMillan forced a fumble.

It’s another week in which the Buckeyes have caused havoc on offenses. So far this season, the Buckeye defense has created 21 turnovers, and churned those TOs into 96 points.

If the defense isn’t causing turnovers, then they are being absolute headaches to the opposing offense. Ohio State registered 12 tackle for losses (TFLs) – which includes five sacks – in their visit to Maryland.

3. A hurdle

Yeah, it happened again to Maryland: someone hurdled over one of their defenders. Two years ago, quarterback (or human tank, whichever you prefer) Cardale Jones hurdled over a defender in Maryland’s house en route to a Buckeye victory.

It happened again as Marcus Baugh took a page out of the Jones’ book and leaped over defensive back JC Jackson.

4. Whatever you can do, I can better

Ohio State and Michigan have been pummeling opponents in almost identical fashion. Earlier this season, Ohio State destroyed the armor off the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in a 58-0 victory. A week later, Michigan and the fighting Harbaugh’s were figuratively foaming at the mouth and ripped what little bit of armor Rutgers had left in a 78-0 pummeling at the birthplace of college football.

Last week, Maryland went into the Wolverines den, and suffered a loss margin of 56. Like the Scarlet Knights, the Terps felt the wrath in the second wave as the Buckeyes won by 59.

We’ll see if the Buckeyes can match (or surpass) the Wolverines 9-point win against Michigan State next week. The Wolverines face Indiana next Saturday – a team OSU defeated by 21.

Either way, a collision course is set for Michigan and Ohio State on Nov. 26.

5. Numbers Don’t Lie

Last week, ESPN made a tweet saying there was a 97 percent chance that one of the top four teams were eventually going to catch their first loss of the season.

Who would it be? Would Bama slip up first, or Washington? What about Michigan?

After a week where stats and polls were completely turned upside down in the political world, that 97 percent chance of a loss came fast at Clemson.

With an eight point lead late into the fourth quarter, Clemson allowed the Pittsburgh Panthers to claw back into the game, which ultimately led to Pitt having a chance to take the lead with six seconds left on a 48-yard field goal.

Pittsburgh v Clemson
Don’t Let the Name Fool You: Chris Blewitt’s game-winning FG that brought down No. 2 Clemson
Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Chris Blewitt delivered the red-herring of the night by connecting on the go-ahead FG. Pitt took down the No. 2 in the land – potentially leaving a seat for a newcomer in the top four of the college football playoff ranking.