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Urban Meyer on being No. 2: ‘People respect our work and we move on’

The head coach is laser focused on Michigan State.

Ohio State v Maryland Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ohio State’s head coach took to the podium for the last time before the Buckeyes travel to East Lansing to take on one of their last two regular season challenges. Facing Michigan State has postseason implications, but the head coach has been hesitant to breach the topic with his team for weeks.

  • Meyer said he hasn’t yet talked about the College Football Playoff implications with his team, but acknowledged Ohio State moving up to No. 2 saying, “people respect our work and we move on".
  • Kicker Tyler Durbin made a 45-yard field goal in last week’s win -- the longest made kick since the 2014 season. Meyer was asked at what range they felt comfortable using Durbin, specifically at 50 yards, and while touting the kicker’s ability, Meyer noted it depends on the elements and wind.
  • “Toughness” was the biggest thing Meyer saw in Curtis Samuel during spring practice. The head coach joked that guys at skill positions aren’t always tough, but those that are, are the ones who succeed longterm.
  • On the development of running back Demario McCall, Meyer said the team is headed into a rough stretch of games, and having some depth in case people get hurt is a good thing.
  • Meyer admitted he was concerned heading into the season with the defensive line, but with the great coaching staff, they’ve stepped up. Though when asked when he felt comfortable with their skill level, Meyer quipped, “not yet”.