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Urban Meyer likes Ohio State’s schedule strength’s impact on his team

After so many away games at night, these young Buckeyes have already seen some tough battles.

Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Urban Meyer is just days away from yet another night game, but this time at home in Ohio Stadium. On his way to watch Game 7 of the World Series, the head coach took to the podium to talk about another Top 10 Big Ten showdown.

  • With the announcement earlier that the Big Ten conference would be playing games on Friday nights starting next season, it was one of the first questions asked. Meyer admitted he hadn’t heard until just before he walked into the press room.
  • Meyer touched on the importance of game management, and the need to adjust schematically if they are getting certain defenses they don’t like. On whether or not he prefers an uptempo offense, Meyer quipped he prefers a “good offense”.
  • The head coach was asked if he thinks Curtis Samuel now is better than Percy Harvin years ago. Meyer laughed that it’s been too long to remember, but that Samuel’s numbers are better and he’s a “great player, good kid” and they’re going to try and “get him the ball”.
  • Despite such a tough schedule, Meyer thinks in the long term it’ll be better for the players to have to go into those kinds of battles. He was particularly impressed with his team’s ability to come back from a 10-point deficit in Wisconsin.
  • Meyer lauded Malik Hooker, comparing him to Vonn Bell and being used in different ways. He does everything the coaches ask of him.
  • He was asked if there was anything Greg Schiano brought to Ohio State that was unexpected. Meyer touted the relationship between Schiano and Luke Fickell, and how well they work together. He specifically pointed out their football acumen and their devout loyalty to both the head coach and Ohio State. Meyer said bringing in Schiano has worked out better than he thought.

The team announced a few of the ways Ohio State will honor late-Nebraska kicker Sam Foltz, including with a plaque by Nebraska’s entrance to the field, Block O will perform a card stunt, and TBDBITL will spell out “SF 27” at the end of their halftime performance. Ohio State also has plans to honor late Buckeye John Hicks.