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Ohio State remains No. 2 in the latest AP and Coaches Polls

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It was a tough game against Sparty, but the Bucks hold firm behind the Crimson Tide.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a close one! The Ohio State Buckeyes edged out the Michigan State Spartans for a 17-16 win in East Lansing. The Buckeyes got revenge for their 2015 loss against Sparty that kept them out of the College Football Playoff, and are in good position this season. With that, they remain No. 2 in the latest AP and Coaches Polls.

The last regular season opponent that stands between the Buckeyes and whatever comes next, whether that’s a Big Ten Championship game and/or the College Football Playoff is the Michigan Wolverines

A win over the Wolverines would serve the Buckeyes well, whether or not they make it to the Big Ten Championship game or not. It doesn’t necessarily solidify their spot in the final four, but they’re in good position, especially if they have a repeat performance of last season’s game.

The Coaches Poll, in its entirety with AP to come shortly:

AP (last week, if different) Coaches (LW) S&P+ Massey
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Ohio State Ohio State Michigan Ohio State
3 Michigan (4) Clemson (5) Ohio State Michigan
4 Clemson (5) Michigan Clemson Clemson
5 Wisconsin (6) Washington (7) Louisville Washington
6 Washington (7) Wisconsin Washington Wisconsin
7 Oklahoma (8) Oklahoma (8) LSU Penn State
8 Penn State (9) Penn State (10) USC Colorado
9 Colorado (12) Colorado (12) Auburn Louisville
10 Oklahoma State (13) Oklahoma State (13) Wisconsin Oklahoma
11 Louisville (3) Louisville (3) Florida State USC
12 USC (15) USC (19) Penn State WMU
13 Florida (21) Florida (18) Oklahoma FSU
14 Western Michigan Florida State (15) Colorado Auburn
15 Florida State (17) Nebraska (17) Western Kentucky Wash. State
16 Auburn (18) Auburn Boise State Stanford
17 Nebraska (19) West Virginia (9) Florida Boise State
18 Houston (NR) Western Michigan (21) Texas A&M Florida
19 West Virginia (10) Boise State (23) Miami Oklahoma State
20 Boise State (22) Utah (11) Temple Texas A&M
21 Utah (11) Houston (NR) Houston Nebraska
22 Texas A&M (23) Texas A&M North Carolina Houston
23 Washington State (20) Washington State (20) San Diego State LSU
24 Tennessee (NR) Tennessee NR) Western Michigan Tennessee
25 LSU (16) North Carolina (24) Oklahoma State WVU