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Urban Meyer says Ohio State’s going to need all 3 weapons again an elite defense like Michigan’s

Meyer also spoke glowingly about his seniors.

Heading into the final game of the season is stressful enough, but when that game is a historical rivalry that’s been recently reignited with the hiring of Jim Harbaugh, there’s an added level of preparedness needed to come away with a win. Urban Meyer took to the podium just days after a close road win over Michigan State to talk about how his team intends on finishing the regular season and their focus on the College Football Playoff.

  • Meyer was very succinct early in his presser, saying he can save a lot of time by answering any questions about concerns with a “yes”. Is there a concern with pass protection, with special teams ... the answer is yes.
  • The head coach was asked if he still thinks his team is peaking — especially after a few 62-3 games — noting that the team is “getting ready for a good game” and that they played okay against Michigan State, had rushing success but had trouble throwing the ball.
  • Meyer is pleased with the running game, and notes that it is similar to where they were when they had Ezekiel Elliott. He isn’t willing to say that he’s satisfied with it until February when they evaluate the season.
  • On the senior class, Meyer said it’s a much smaller class than it should’ve been with “all those cats who left last year” but player-by-player has nothing but love for these kids. This is one of the smallest senior class — at least with contributors -- that Meyer’s had.
  • The tight ends have been getting more involved and statistically the offense is pretty good, but the Buckeyes have to beat man coverage against the Wolverines, with Meyer stating, “there’s no secret that’s what they play, they’re good players”.
  • On whether Michigan’s defense having five injured quarterbacks this season and whether that affects the preparation and playcalling, Meyer said he didn’t know that but it doesn’t matter.
  • Meyer called Michigan’s defense “elite” adding that against a D like that, “you need everything you’ve got”.
  • Meyer was asked if he feels like the gap has closed between Ohio State and Michigan, to which he replied that he has never seen a gap — and if it’s there, it doesn’t matter. He noted each of the games against UM he’s coached in since at Ohio State have been close with big implications.
  • The head coach was asked what his first memory of this historic rivalry and he had it ready. It was in the 70’s when Bo and Woody were coaching -- and while he doesn’t remember whether or not he used the word “Michigan” back then — he does remember his mom grabbing him to run some errands. He remembers stopping at all of the speakers at the mall to hear updates.
  • Meyer was asked if there was ever a question as to who he’d side with in this rivalry, to which he very quickly snapped, “none”.