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What happens when you turn Ohio State helmets into Michigan ones? These monstrosities

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What. No. Why?

The Ohio State football team is doing everything it can to get ready for one of college football’s most anticipated games of 2016.

With a potential College Football Playoff berth on the line, the Buckeyes are pulling out all the stops to make sure nothing is left to chance and they try to prevent Jim Harbaugh from pulling even against OSU in his two year run as Michigan head man.

While the Buckeyes don’t have the benefit of washed out NFL players on their scout team the way Alabama does — Urban Meyer jokingly ran out of his press conference last week when asked about the practice — the Bucks can at least try to get their team visualizing what it’s going to be like going against their most hated rivals:

Scout tea❌ hel❌ets are ready to go. #BeatTTUN

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Still less offensive than this, at least: