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Ohio’s governor banned the use of M in the state, dunked on Jim Harbaugh to help beat Michigan

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Governor Kasich don’t care.

For at least the fifth time during his tenure as the state of Ohio’s governor, John Kasich has gone all in on trying to help the home state Buckeyes take down their most hated rivals, the University of Michigan.

Students famously go the extra mile to put red tape over just about every letter ‘m’ on campus the week of the game, and Kasich’s done his part too, by issuing decrees discouraging the use of the letter ‘m’ state wide.

While literally trying to communicate through writing in English sans the letter is a challenge to the point of tedium, that doesn’t stop many on social media from taking the governor’s resolution very literally. And given that Ohio State’s 4-1 in years where Kasich has banned the letter, maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all.

Here’s this years decree, complete with potshots at UM head coach (and avid Judge Judy enthusiast) Jim Harbaugh:

We’ll even give him a break for the missed m’s at the beginning of the proclamation.

Ohio State and Michigan do battle, perhaps over the English language itself, tomorrow at 12 p.m. ET.