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Cardale Jones got ready for Ohio State-Michigan better than you did

It’s time for war.

Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones is iconic for many a number of reasons.

He most notably led the Buckeyes to a national championship going through Alabama in SEC country and dominated Oregon in the national title game on about the shortest notice imaginable, not even months after starting the season as OSU’s third string quarterback.

Now back learning in the third QB role with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, Cardale’s not going to be in uniform for the Ohio State game on the field for the first time since he was at prep school. But that doesn’t mean he’s not pulling out the stops to make sure he’s game ready:

Cardale’s pump up soundtrack is appropriately LL Cool J’s “It’s Time For War”.

If you want to don an Ohio State authentic helmet and jersey and get pumped up to the same tune, we’ve got you covered:

Go Bucks. Beat Michigan.