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Jim Harbaugh got so mad at an offside call he broke his headset, got penalized

The ticking timebomb finally went off.

Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh is a lot of things.

The second years Wolverine head man is very much a product of his former college coach, Bo Schembechler, and a bit of a throwback to the era of Schembechler and his former boss Woody Hayes. He never hesitates to wear his heart on his sleeve and speaks his mind. And his team usually responds in kind.

Unfortunately for him, the emotion he’s known for caught up with him at around the most inopportune time late in the third quarter against Ohio State. Up 17-7 with OSU looking completely lost in all three phases of the game, an interception by the Buckeyes was followed up by an offside call. While it appeared that Michigan’s defender either bated the Ohio State guard into jumping or engaging with his opponent, Harbaugh strongly disagreed. The result was a temper tantrum for the ages which added a half the distance to the goal penalty which set Ohio State up for a touchdown to make the game a three-point affair:

It definitely looks like he broke his headset in the process:

We’ve all been there playing Madden, Jim. Better luck next time.