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Jabrill Peppers shoved a fan on the field after Ohio State beat Michigan

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But it might not be such a big deal.

There was some early rumors after Ohio State’s thrilling 30-27 2 OT win over Michigan that Wolverines star Jabrill Peppers had “sucker punched” OSU corners (and special teams) coach Kerry Coombs on his way out of a field stormed Ohio Stadium.

While that proved false, ESPN later surfaced video that showed Peppers appearing to get into an altercation with an Ohio State fan on the field.

It’s tough given the angle and the depth perception to tell the whole story, but this is our best guess:

-A (possibly inebriated) Buckeye fan bumps into Peppers while he’s leaving the game.

-In an emotional state after losing his third (and possibly final) Ohio State-Michigan game, Peppers briefly grabs then shoves the fan and has some words with him.

-Coombs intervenes and advises the young man to regain his cool.

Seems logical, but there seems to be a narrative going around the Peppers “punched” or “assaulted” the fan. It’s tough to tell, and much of the video going around is pretty suspect. You be the judge:

What’s your read of the video? What do you think went down?