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Watch Ohio State’s win over Michigan recreated in Tecmo Bowl


Ohio State’s 30-27 (2OT) comeback win over Michigan was certainly one of the greatest in recent memory. And one of the greatest football games in recent memory is unquestionably the NES classic, Tecmo Bowl.

So, it stands to reason that combining the two would be awesome. And luckily for all of us, that’s happened.

Youtube user Irishkidd84 has recreated the final harrowing moments of the Ohio State-Michigan game on Tecmo Bowl, complete with the field goals, the excellent touchdown catch by Michigan’s Amara Darboh, the controversial spot (which, actually, was good), Curtis Samuel’s ridiculous Bo Jackson impression on 3rd down, and of course, the final score.

We think we’ll be watching highlights of this game for a long time, and in various forms. But only one highlight reel will make you want to fire up the ol’ NES again and start stunting on your little brother, which makes this one potentially the best of them all.