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When will Ohio State lose to Michigan?

We drink the Wolverines’ tears on our newest podcast.

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NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

What a time to be alive. Ohio State’s crazy, 30-27 comeback victory over Michigan not only gives them a sterling 12-1 regular season record, but also five straight wins against the Wolverines, and puts them in prime position to make their second College Football Playoff appearance in three years. It was the perfect game to mirror Ohio State’s season of ups and downs, and an incredible way to end a year that started with so many question marks.

(It’s also a win you can document by reminding your Michigan friends that actually, the spot was good)

For Michigan, the game represents a missed opportunity. The Wolverines will be kicking themselves for not only bungling a game that they had an inordinate amount of chances to win, but also for it probably costing them a shot at the playoff. It may have also been their best chance to win The Game for the foreseeable future.

Michigan is expected to lose a ton of talent to the NFL, and it stands to reason that they won’t be as dominant next season, especially given the losses on defense. They also play a tough schedule, with a neutral site game against Florida, and road trips to Penn State and Wisconsin. Will they be able to reload enough for those teams, and beat an experienced Ohio State to close out the season?

On this episode of The Hangout in the Holyland, Matt Brown and Colton Denning are back to discuss when they think the Wolverines will actually beat the Buckeyes, and why it may not be for a while. Of course, they also talk about all the crazy stuff that happened in Saturday’s game, including:

  • Why Michigan’s bitter response to the loss has been hilarious for us, but demeans the season they had
  • When they thought Ohio State might actually win
  • Giving props to the defense and J.T. Barrett
  • Being at peace with the season
  • Michigan’s best season in a decade being a third place finish in the Big Ten East (people forget that)

They also discuss why the 2016 season was a huge success, their level of confidence in the Buckeyes earning a playoff invite, and debate whether they can win a game if they get in.

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