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Urban Meyer keeps it simple: ‘Beat Maryland’

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There may be a change at punt returner, though.

Urban Meyer took to the podium just days after a big win against a No. 10 Nebraska and repeated “Beat Maryland” several times throughout his time with the media. In addition to the football updates, Meyer was asked about the election causing issue in the locker room, but the head coach noted he has a mature locker room and just hopes the guys get out and vote.

  • Playcalling seemed to be improved against Nebraska. Meyer noted that he is getting opinions from a bigger group than he has in the past, but he wants plays that his staff loves not just likes.
  • The receivers stepped up big this week, with Meyer saying the young players “blocked well on the screen passes” and “was their best game by far.” The development of the young guys “plateaued” after the first few games, but has seemingly been jump started after the Penn State loss.
  • K.J. Hill, specifically, has earned more playing time throughout the season, with Meyer touting the receiver as “a very reliable guy, good blocker, always in the right place, very good hands”.
  • On punt returners moving forward, Meyer said Curtis Samuel is in there now, and K.J. Hill and Parris Campbell might work in. They are still evaluating Dontre Wilson at the position.
  • Meyer was asked about Malik Hooker’s ability with the ball in his hands. He quipped, “every time I watch him I want to switch him over to offense and flip it to him a few times”. He continued that the intensity that results from interceptions is incredible
  • “This was the best it could have been,” Meyer boasted in terms of a big recruiting game for the Buckeyes. The head coach has discussed his hesitancy to have so many recruits at such a high-stakes game, but this time it worked out.
  • Meyer was asked when there is a big injury, like Tommy Armstrong, how he handles the dip in energy and how he responds. The head coach said the most important thing is that the young player is okay, and the second thing is to keep his players moving on the sideline.