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Former Ohio State 4-star QB/WR Torrance Gibson appears headed to community college

So much for the insistence he was coming back.

Despite repeated insistences that talented (but raw) QB-turned-wide receiver Torrance Gibson would be back at Ohio State after a suspension cost him his 2016 season, a Mississippi based community college tweeted Tuesday morning that Gibson had signed a letter of intent with them:

Ohio State — and especially head coach Urban Meyer — had been adamant throughout Gibson’s suspension that the development was against their wishes. Meyer was repeatedly vocal that the suspension came from the university and wasn’t handed down by the football program or the conference.

It’s not known if additional developments led Gibson to a change of heart or what might have transpired that could potentially have caused the change of plans. There’s an off chance — albeit slim -- that Gibson is merely keeping his options open, but if a letter of intent was involved, it seems OSU would have to have given Gibson his release to pursue the move.

We’ll have more details as they’re made available.

UPDATE: Land of 10’s Jeremy Birmingham says Gibson is denying the community college’s tweet claiming he’s headed there: