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D’Angelo Russell explains his ‘ice in the veins’ celebration

The former Buckeye star’s father is to thank.

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

“[My dad] always said you have to be prepared for big moments, you gotta have ice in your veins. You have to have no feelings. You have to go out there and play your hardest and do what you do.”

– D’Angelo Russell to GQ’s Alex Wong on where the ‘Ice Water’ celebration came from

Since departing the Ohio State Buckeyes, D’Angelo Russell has become one of young, rising stars of the Los Angeles Lakers in the post-Kobe phase. Getting ready for the limelight wasn’t something Russell had to get used to; he was prepared for it.

In an article with GQ, Russell talked about the origins of his ‘ice in the veins’. The celebration took off after a 39-point outing in his rookie season, tying Elgin Baylor’s record for most points in a single game scored by a rookie.

After popping one his numerous shots, Russell came down the floor pointing to his veins. That video went viral, and a new celebration was formed. Russell credits his father for making him prepared for the big moments – and saying that young Russell needed to have ice in his veins. The preparedness payed off, as Russell surged onto the college basketball scene and quickly became one of the top picks in the 2015 NBA Draft.

Alex Wong’s article also touched on several other topics, including the first time Russell used the ‘ice in the veins’ celebration and life as a Laker.

“The 12 plays that shaped college football’s entire 2016 season... Week 13: Ohio State gets the Spot Heard ‘Round the World”

– Alex Kirshner, SB Nation

We have hit the point in time where the regular season of college football has been completed and the bowl games are beginning to kickoff. That doesn’t stop us from looking back at the many plays (and players) that shaped the 2016 college football season.

Alex Kirshner of SB Nation broke down his list – and a couple plays involved the Buckeyes. The first of the plays – I’m going to start with the bad one first, so bear with me – involves the special teams fiasco the Buckeyes had in State College, Penn. against Penn State in Week 8. A blocked field goal that was returned to the house gave Nittany Lions’ coach James Franklin his first signature win in Happy Valley, and propelled the PSU dream to claiming a Big Ten championship into reality – all of this while throwing writers, office water cooler talks and sports radio shows into a frenzy of determining ways the Big Ten East would be figured out.

The second of the moments are a lot better for Buckeye Nation: The Week 13 4th-and-1 gamble against Michigan. Still, there are arguments on whether or not the spot was right (actually, it was good), which later led to Ohio State running the ball into the endzone to punctuate another win against The School Up North and cementing themselves into the College Football Playoff.

"We kind of hit it right because a lot of those kids were ready to play when they got here,"

–Urban Meyer, as reported by Jim Naveau, The Lima News

Keeping things in the OSU football world, the rebound from the Penn State loss and the subsequent running of the table was something that seemed improbable. Just think about it: a huge group of underclassmen went through a schedule that included Oklahoma, Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan and Michigan State, and finished the season with an 11-1 record.

While some of the student-athletes carried an underclassman tag, they played like veterans. Jim Naveau’s article details how Chris Worley, Sam Hubbard and Malik Hooker stepped up on the big stage, made big plays and played a part in Ohio State’s journey to their second CFP appearance.

Naveau reported that Meyer thought “next year’s the year,” however, here the Buckeyes are, just two wins away from another national championship. Even though the Buckeyes lost a handful of underclassmen last year to the NFL Draft, they reloaded (not rebuilded) into a playoff contender.

Just like in the D’Angelo piece above, being prepared has its positive consequences. Just like on the football field, preparedness has put the Buckeyes into the championship hunt in December.


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