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Will NFL prospects skipping bowl games become a trend?

We talk Christian McCaffrey, Buckeyes basketball, holiday stories, and more on this week’s podcast.

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NCAA Football: Southern Mississippi at Texas El Paso
Landgrant Holyland will also be skipping El Paso to prepare for the NFL draft
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

In case you weren’t on Twitter/didn’t watch any sports coverage yesterday, Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey’s decision to sit out this year’s Sun Bowl versus North Carolina was the sports topic of the day that upset everyone.

McCaffrey’s choice set the internets ablaze with takes upon takes regarding whether his choice (Along with LSU running back Leonard Fournette’s similar decision last week) was selfish, or if he was doing the sensible thing by looking out for his long-term NFL future.

On this week’s Hangout in the Holyland, Matt Brown and Colton Denning talk about McCaffrey’s decision, why they think it’s great if players choose to get a head start on their pro careers, and whether decisions like this will become a trend in the coming years.

With the Fiesta Bowl still over a week away, the rest of the podcast goes off course, with the guys discussing multiple subjects, including:

  • Where Ohio State basketball stands near the end of out of conference play, and why we’ll get a good idea of whether they can make the tournament in the next few weeks
  • Assessing the bowl games through one week
  • Why Rutgers hiring Jerry Kill as its new Offensive Coordinator is a colossal mistake by Chris Ash
  • Matt telling an epic Christmas parenting story, and Colton countering with the time he made his mom cry on Christmas by being a classic #teen

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