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Ohio State marching band member kicks 55-yard field goal, gets football tryout


We all already know that Ohio State has The Best Damn Band In The Land. But they just might be the best at more than just music.

The Ohio State Marching Band shared a video of Austin Brizee, a trumpet player, drilling a 55 yard field goal, and you’ve probably got to watch it to believe it.

According to For The Win, Brizee didn’t even play football in high school (he played soccer), and hadn’t kicked a field goal before this week (although he told Eleven Warriors that he’d booted a 60 yarder before too). The motivation for attempting such a long kick? The genesis for every great collegiate feat, a bet over free Chipotle.

Per FTW:

Not for this weekend, the team’s assistant director of player personnel replied, but he “definitely has a tryout invitation” on Twitter. By early Wednesday afternoon, a staff member had already followed up with Brizee to arrange a tryout, he said.

The Buckeyes have found success in finding kickers in unique places before, as current kicker Tyler “Fight Club” Durbin was a former soccer player at James Madison before walking on to Ohio State. The Buckeyes also have the top rated high school kicker, Blake Haubeil, currently in the 2017 recruiting class.

But you can never have too many athletes who can boot a 55-yarder. And even if Brizee decides to stick with the band, here’s hoping somebody buys him lots of Chipotle.