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Let everyone know Ohio State made the playoff with this awesome new ‘We’re In’ t-shirt

Just in case anybody forgot: WE’RE IN.

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No conference championship? No 13th data point? No problem.

Ohio State didn’t need a trophy or another crack at Wisconsin after all, as the Buckeyes grabbed the #3 seed in the College Football Playoff. And what better way to celebrate this amazing accomplishment than with another new shirt?

We’ve partnered again with our friends at BreakingT to give you another super comfortable t-shirt. With the College Football Playoff colors, this shirt will remind the world that the Buckeyes are IN. And best of all, with the way that Urban Meyer is recruiting right now, you’ll get a lot of milage out of this look. The Buckeyes will almost certainly be IN again in the near future.

If you missed our popular t-shirt celebrating Ohio State’s win over Michigan, you’re in luck, because we still have a few of those left as well. If you’d rather remind the world that actually, the spot was good, you can grab yours here.